List that keeps you under check from failing. Checklist improves your life by freeing clutters. It helps you arrive your goal faster without any confusions. Anything you do , prioritize. Checklist ensures your priorities are right and your solutions are optimal for a problem. With the help of a checklist , you can can achieve whatever you want. Checklist gives you a satisfaction. It gives a psychological edge when working towards a goal.

Personal things for example Shopping, it ensures you never miss out on things you wanted to buy. Everyday morning, a checklist on what you wanted to do. At work, make sure a checklist is created so that you never miss out on deliverable. There are many forms of checklist. Checklist helps you when that items are granular, items that can be completed. Because when you tick something off, it boosts your morale.

There are various types of checklists. Some people use a simple list. Some use list, subtasks etc. Some use grouping based on priorities. One such thing i came across is Eisenhower matrix. This has helped me to prioritize and improved my life a lot. checklist makes your life simple, clutter free and happy. Don’t forget to create a checklist. Add a checklist to sort priorities and live present.

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