Cross sell skills and ideas

Companies hire people with specific skills and experience. Few things come from experience. The ideas or solutions you get out of experience is applied on a problem with skills. Over a period of time people build expertise in depth. There are few who practice T shaped thinking. Expertise in one area and have knowledge in horizontal areas.

What’s most underestimated and under utilized is leveraging the skills and knowledge of your employees. There should be many employees who possess diversified knowledge in your product or knowledge in a new or upcoming technology or new product ideas. The demarcation of roles in companies fail to utilize such talents. We fail to identify or understand the abilities of the employees. Even if we understand , we never validate it. It’s the judgement we make with what we understand about them. As with many companies cross sell products , teams should cross sell ideas , skills and talents to other teams. They should unearth the talents , skills and ideas in other teams. Leverage talents. Be it a startup or a large company , leveraging talents have always been the most underestimated one. You box and label someone with the role you hire for. Once that is done, we expect them to prove something or tick some check list move up the ladder. Instead cross leveraging people will bring in fresh ideas , fresh minds for the same problem and enriches your product and your company. Cross selling should not be just limited with products you sell but should be extended to teams in your companies. Reselling is not the way cross selling is the way. With pandemic in place and hiring is increasingly difficult, its time also to think about leveraging talents in-house.

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