Don’t break the chain

In this pandemic situation, normal schedules are toppled. Work from home, schooling from home etc are making increasingly difficult for people.

Organising the mess is the best thing. There are so many techniques , tools, apps that help you organise your day. Two techniques which I follow and it has proven me it works is Eisenhower box and Seinfeld strategy.

Seinfeld strategy

This is very simple. For each of the tasks you want to complete everyday , add an entry. Once you completed for that day, mark that task completed. This will help in habit building. This focuses more on the process. You need to complete task everyday. Idea is not to break the chain. After a month, it is a motivation and you have created a habit.

Eisenhower box

There are various types of checklists. Some people use a simple list. Some use list, subtasks etc. Some use grouping based on priorities. One such thing i came across is Eisenhower matrix. This has helped me to prioritize and improved my life a lot. checklist makes your life simple, clutter free and happy. Don’t forget to create a checklist. Add a checklist to sort priorities and live present.

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