Innovator’s DNA

Innovation is over-used word. Whether innovation is overly used in the business or product or process is to be looked into. Innovation is something which cannot be trained on a classroom or doing  some crash course. It is part of you, part of your living and with you always. Innovators always try to eliminate unnecessary things from existing products/solutions. They learn from everywhere. They challenge status quo. Challenging status quo is not following competitors and do what they don’t do. Its some trend setting. Example, smartphones existed before iPhone era. Then came iPhone.  We need to connect dots and ideas. This happens when we associate things. In order to be effective in associating , we need to have T shaped thinking. Expertise is one field and broad knowledge in other areas. Need to open for diversified topics than one single field. As my uncle says, you cannot be a dark room boy. Coding is nothing. You need to constantly connect the unconnected. Connect problems and solutions in unrelated areas. This knowledge will come when we network with people of varied discipline. Business schools teach people how to be deliverers not discoverers. Networking allows you to help develop T shaped thinking. Observe what solutions and problems in other areas can be applied our existing field. Cross pollinate problems and solutions. And Experimenting. Without experimenting, ideas go stale. Constantly prototype ideas.

Innovation is something part of you that can be habituated. This book has really helped me develop a habit of thinking on different lines and has yielded results.

There are key ingredients for innovation. Those are as follows.

  1. Associating
  2. Questioning
  3. Observing
  4. Networking
  5. Experimenting

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