Optimize as you age

Curiosity kills the cat. When you are young, you experiment and explore a lot. Mind Urges you to know everything around. Be it anything, you will try to explore in and out and in-depth. Many times you end up consuming things which you never need. Example, installing software and trying out new features.I want to know everything out there and use everything out there in the market. Sometimes we like to prove ourselves to others, we know everything. Sometimes it gives you knowledge about new thing. Other times, it gives you a different perspective of things. For experimenting and exploring its okay.

As you grow old you put a question whether you need it. Then another question, do you really need it? If you get clarity for this question, then there is no problem. As you grow old you will start questioning yourself in everything you do. Do I really need this leads to the optimal solution for problems you approach. Your search for solutions get narrower and you end up finding optimal solution. You really need to put that question place to find optimal solution. First you list down so many solutions. As you grow old you will try to understand the problem and solution as it is. Once you understand the problem, instead of applying many solutions we will try to narrow and figure out a single solution for the problem. Sometimes I think why elderly people got so many questions for a problem? But as you age, you realize that you need to get rid of so many unnecessary things to find the optimal solution. This process gets better as you age.

Be young, Age better

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