Process. Product. Support

Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design it how it works.

– Steve Jobs

One such product recently i experienced in Onecard. Getting a credit card is a complex process in India. Involves document collection, background score checks etc. This company has simplified everything. Process,Product and Support. Efficient and simple process attracts customers use the product. A Simple Product will let customers continue with your product. Support for your customers makes them happy and refer more customers. This app made everything simple.

Applying credit card

Download Onescore app. This is a little overhead. But still ok. It helps you know your credit score. You apply for the credit card in this app. It would put you in waitlist. But there are some spins available for you get the card right away. After few days, you get a message that card has been approved.

Activating credit card

Click the link open the Onecard app. Activate your virtual card. Your physical card will be delivered in next two days. Product packaging is also so simple with a sheet of paper and card. Activate physical card using QR code, set PIN and you are ready to use the card.

App usability

Once you start making transactions, it will immediately reflect on your app. You can see reward points for that particular transaction in the app. Not reviewing the features of the card here. Using the app is so simple.

Process. Product. Support

Three things are required for a product to be successful. Process – Acquiring a customer with a simplified process. This company attacked a long existing process of how credit cards are issued. Product – Usability of the product and transparency. Support – Customer executive is available at one call instead of pressing all combinations of numbers on IVR. A simple and right process is required for a right product. Support enhances experience and takes the product to next level.

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