Unknown God and Ignored system

Birth, life and death of the souls are the unknown like the origin of the universe. The logical understanding of life can be dissected and analyzed easily that no one can be without appreciating the majestic planning and execution of a master plan which auto updates itself for infinite years.

There are billions of people in the world. Each of these billions has worries and happiness. What is that determines these things? Each persons ability differs, Why it needs to be? How it is determined? DNAs blah blah. Why is the I am born for a particular set of parents and not my friends parents? What are the factors this is being calculated? The only permanent and unavoidable thing in the world is death. Whatever scientific inventions are made, the one which it cannot avoid causing is death. Who updates these happenings in the world?

If the universe is carefully examined, the earth is surrounded by planets. Our body is made up of the 5 elements of nature so as the earth which lif the exists. Scientifically everything is chemical elements! Anything that happens outside has some effect on the body of humans,plants and animals. The wide range of differences between people in this world are calculated on some factors. Since birth is unknown as our universe, a master system existed which had framed certain rules and imposed on the life created on earth. Every cause being made on each and every life in this earth has an effect! Lives or souls are bound to that system and it’s rules. After all none can escape from it. What does the planets do here? The next step if people believe in the system here are the deeds which are actually seeds or factors that determine your being in the world. What is going to be done with these? Yeah for unknown reasons you entered the world. You followed the system and there has been some effect of the cause you did either positive or negative! These factors determine what’s happen you next!

The planets which are all composed of these 5 elements is again part of the system. The planetary positions does its chemical reactions In different positions in universe. The system has all its accounts of all individual lives on earth. The positives and negatives are mapped to the chemical reactions aka functions of the planets! When these planets do that function and the account of any number of lives fall under that bucket, you re-enter to continue doing same things after tour death!

The God, religion and scriptures are for those people who might not be self equipped to follow the system and follow the rules. Concluding, there is no God but a master plan which exists that can work and update itself for billions of years to come | why we are born, the necessity of why there are differences are unknown as the origin of the universe | as long as lives in this world are active, the universe will never cease to exist!

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