Which wallet to choose in India?

Which wallet to use in India?

Paytm  –  a wholesome bloatware like Android. What does the app do?

Google Pay - Better luck next time

PhonePe — this app was lot better when they credit cash backs. Once you do more transactions, there comes tbe stupid coupons. Buy A above X amount to get Y discount on B app. Absolute non sense.

One good thing about this app is the UI and ease of use.

Here comes the true cashback king. Payzapp — it was once boring app which never worked properly. But it is catching up. Cashback is real. There are no useless, stupid coupons. Use promo codes. Get cashback. HDFC bank is making things better for consumers. If these cash backs are to stay, then this will kill other wallets.

People do not know much about this payzapp as other wallets only takes the headlines.

Use PayZapp and earn real cashback. Not brainless supercash

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